• tazman

    Well the way I look at it they are allready getting paid. What is the cost of a scholarship? That is payment to me.
    Now if you look at the smaller colleges they can’t compete with the big dogs. They can’t get the great players anyway,pay or not so I don’t think it matters anyway.

  • http://Stanford Dimi

    Persoanlly I think that there is too much money out there today not to pay athletes and what I would propose is to pay all major d1 sports including football basketball and baseball athletes an equall amount. The only thing that will happen is promotions of the sports.

  • Matt

    people on welfare get foodstamps from the government? that’s payment to me. people on welfare are just fine, because they can’t compete with big dogs like bill gates either, so doesn’t matter to me.

  • namzat

    I agree with you Sir.

  • richard


  • http://www.sportmentary.com Sportmentary

    No way should they be paid. They already receive compensation in the form of a free college education. They should take advantage of that fee education.


  • Mason Evans

    I think that all of you are wrong and that they should get paid because they are legit players and they could beat anyone

  • Adam Hough

    whether an athlete should receive direct compensation is debatable, but with the rather large sums of money being made … and with the constant risk that these players face each time they stop onto that field … a larger portion of that financial gain should be set aside for players who inevitably will need in home nursing care for the rest of their lives from the crushing hits their bodies take… I don’ t think a college education is adequate compensation for a lifetime of paralysis.

  • David Funderburk

    Yes they do recieve the payment of a full ride through college, but what is th emain difference between them and other students other than the fact that they play a sport? They can’t have jobs. While other students are working to make money while going to school, athletes are working and making no money while going to school. That means no money for gas, no money for anything you may need for a class that isn’t provided, money for food, some student athletes even have kids. A lot of these student athletes come from poor backgrounds others just have parents who can’t afford to keep sending their child money. Many kids go hungry and the meals the NCAA allows the schools to give them is what keeps them from starving. They should be payed because they are basically working a job just like many college kids have jobs.

  • Joe Momma

    obviously none of you bums are college athletes and know what its like, yes they should be paid and get that skrilla.

  • Bryan

    In my opinion they should be able to make money off selling their autograph, t-shirts, etc. Also, they should be able to make money off endorsements. If Nike wants to use them as walking billboards them pay them dammit! However, it should not be the colleges responsibility to pay them. This makes it fair if your good you make money off your merchandise, if your bad you don’t simple as that.

  • Jesse Roselle

    Yes! College athletes should be paid, because they have other activities and they have worked hard to get to college. I agree with David FunderBurk.

  • Robert

    I was a division 1 student athlete last year. Basically, you pour every ounce of physical and mental well being into sport as per pressure of the institution, and the benefits of receiving an “education” were rendered pretty useless for the majority of us given the lack of time and energy. Advisors told us as naive freshman to choose the easiest major rather than something that we might be interested in, in case that interest might have the potential to be challenging. Pay the fucking athletes, privatize, do something. The compensation isn’t enough. The NCAA has a monopoly on labor, and exploits student athletes to no end. Pretty much all athletes wear sullen, sad, and tired faces throughout the day around campus. It isn’t easy managing that kind of physical and mental workload. Privatize the collegiate sports industry, down with amateurism, lets face the economic realities here folks.

  • Matt

    I dont think they should be paid but they should have at least a living expense. Dvid F. is right they should at least have enough money to buy food and other needs.

  • Chris

    You are somewhat correct in most sports but the two sports that gain the most revenue are Football and Basketball. The NFL and NBA both have made restrictions on whether or not a player can become a professional straight out of high school, I believe that is completely unfair. If an athlete wants to pursue his or her dream right away why stop them? The main thing is that the NCAA wants to make more and more money. The players that play at the collegiate level but are professionally skilled are what make the games as exciting and make more people want to watch.

  • Tiffany

    We are debating this in our class and I believe that they should not be paid. I do understand that athletes have little time for a job but it’s still possible they do not practice or play 24/7 . I dont understand why someone who is athletic should be able to get paid for it in college because high school players do not get paid.

  • patrick

    true bro

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  • nate

    oregon is trash

  • Curtis Cook

    We shouldn’t pay STUDENTS for extracurricular activities

  • Ryan

    I do agree with the fact that student athletes should be paid, but not from the college. When EA Sports uses their face and promotes them, they should receive some form of compensation. Not every player who plays a college sport is receiving a full ride scholarship, but most are on partial scholarships for athletics or not receiving any at all. For example, soccer only receives 9 full scholarships when schools roster 20+ players. Its the same thing with other sports, so therefore student athletes should receive some form of pay.

  • hunter

    u are flippin crazy it entertament and everybody gets paid for it so why not them

  • Jordan

    The only people you should get paid are the people dunkin on them fools!! 😛

  • Ethan

    Well athletes are putting there hard work on the line to make coaches happy and they get hurt a little and they should get paid for there progress and if the do get advertising them they should get so profit

  • http://stanfordreview.org Tajh

    why not get paid college players play just as hard as pro players and some play harder any body can get injured at any point and have to suffer consequences

  • briannn fox

    i should get paid in gum !!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    im writing a persuasive essay for my english class on this topic and i believe they should pay the athletes maybe not the colleges but nike, adidas, reebok, under armor and the other sport clothing line companies should endorse these athletes if they choose to along with jersey sales. The ncaa video games should pay each athlete a specific amount to use there faces and make billions off of them

  • Ms

    They should not get paid at all, they are in college to recieve a education not a salary

  • Donavan Hall

    They should because who wants the college debit hanging over there herad longer than it needs to and if they do they would get more fans because there heath insurents would cover the damage and there favorite player can get back with no issues

  • james

    they should get paid if they get hurt.

  • james

    they should get paid if they get hurt.

  • your mom

    they should get paid because they work harder than the pros and acctually what they need to do is make like a it so if they get hurt they have the money to get back on there feet and go at it again

  • mike

    hello my name is james and i think that college athletes should NOT BE PAID

  • Bubba

    Hey college athletes should get paid in mater afact I play hockey and last year at one of are games a kid got parilized and that is at 11 and 12 years old now imangine whats it like for 20 to 28 year olds playing hockey

  • Travis Phillips

    I would like to know who the reviewers for this article are. I am a college student who is working on a paper for my ESPM class and there are several things that are completly wrong with this article. The fact that it is a Stanford review startles me. Video game makers DO NOT put the names of the players for the school. That is an incorrect statement. Also, some gramatical errors were present too. No offence to the author, but whoever edited this doesn’t know what they are doing.

  • trysta

    they play for oppertunites! they are not professionals! they shouldnt be paid

  • joe sempf

    yes they should get paid considering they are on tv

  • Taylorann Smith

    I think that they should be paid! On;y if they maintain a certain GPA! And no crazy sum of money, just some to get them by…….

  • Jasmine and Mirna

    As high school students we think that College students in fact get paid. Some aren’t allowed or able to have jobs so therefore need some kind of income while still in college. We also think this because they put a lot of time and effort into the sports that they play so why not award them not only with a scholarship but with some kind of money!! :)

  • Norm

    The thing people are missing out on here is that only basketball and football gets full scholarships. Baseball, for instance, only gets about 10 full scholarships to distribute to the entire team. They and other “non-revenue” sports put in the same amount of time in and sell jersies and shirts as well. Taking revenue from big sports and distributing it to other sports to help with more scholarship money it would help everyone out.

  • margie

    I personally think only mens basketball and football should have the opportunity to get paid for playing. Those two sports are the only sports in the college world that make a profit. Another thought is that they should be allowed to sell their own personal memorbilia. Selling there own stuff should not have an effect on other people. It should be out of NCAA’s control

  • http://idk esmer

    look i think college athletes should get paid because the work hard doing what the do and what do yall do nothing just watch so i think they should get paid

  • Mitchell

    Whats the difference between college athletes and high school athletes? Both are in school and get sports. Obviously college sports is harder than high school, but you still have the same stuff. HS athletes are in school more. Only difference is there not on tv on saturdays.
    And what about all the free clothes, shoes, bags and money from bowl games that they get? they wanna get paid? make it to the league, everyone has the same problem before college, its so hard to juggle school and sports. BS, they have free tutors and way too many people to look at all their school work to make sure they pass. There lucky, kids in HS or in smaller division schools would love to be in their position.
    And would it only be d1, what about d2, d3 and NAIA, there college athletes too!

  • Chris H

    The differnece is that college athletes have high stress classes, along with college football whose expectations go so far beyond highschool footballs that it’s almost laughable, and for so much money to be put into and even more gained from these players that are rsiking their health and career playing in college with no financial support other than scholarship; which should be payed for seeing as how it would almost be like sasking a slave to pay for his or her own house; this is a definite wrong that should be righted.

  • Bryce

    If you think about it, most of the collegiate athletes come from nothing and work so hard to get where they are. I think that athletes get busted for accepting money from other people becasue they just want to eat a good dinner or get a ticket to fly out and see their family. They make the university they are in so much money as well as companies such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. and its not fair that their name and number is on a jersey or shirt and they get nothing from it. I agree with this article 100%

  • Steve

    A lot more of the revenue from college football should go to the football players. Today, the top athletes select their university based more on the football program than the academics. Many football players find themselves at the end of a college career in dept and ill prepared for the next step in life. Often their biggest talent, football, didn’t benefit them but did financially benefit thoses who don’t actually play the game.

  • Jdt

    I agree because if you think about it, it all adds up to about $100,000.

  • stanley perry

    I think college athletes should be paid big time. The crooks are taking advantage of the kids , making tons of money, building larger and larger stadiums. On any given saturday or during March madness the stands are loaded with hi-paying fans, hotels are full, bars are full and you tell me the product on the field gets nothing, “Ger Serious”. It used to be where scholarships were ok, that old hat, when athletes would earn a solid education and sports were secondary, but now its a big, big business and about money and more money. A lot of the kids are wising up and escaping the plantation and going to the pros. Unless the crooks are willing to share the loot, sorry the jig is up

  • Thefan

    To pay or not to pay, that is the question http://goo.gl/NbDHlG

  • Zachariah

    You said it John!!! As long as their dunkin on fools they should be getting stacks!!