Stanford Finds “No Basis” For Title IX Case Against Joe Lonsdale, Lifts Campus Ban

Source: nymag.com
Source: nymag.com

A statement by Stanford University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin confirms that Joe Lonsdale’s ten year ban from campus has been revoked in light of new evidence. After a civil case against Mr. Lonsdale ‘04 — leading Silicon Valley technologist, co-founder of Palantir and Addepar, and Formation 8’s founding partner — was dropped in a court filing on Monday, Stanford confirmed there is “new evidence” that leaves “no basis” to ban him from campus. Mr. Lonsdale was banned from Stanford’s campus after a Title IX review last winter, following a rape accusation from Elise Clougherty ‘13 that Mr. Lonsdale described as a “vicious and vengeful campaign” in his public statement released in March.

In a statement to the Stanford Review on November 2, 2015, Lapin confirmed that the Title IX case against Mr. Lonsdale has been dropped:

As a result of new evidence that came to light during litigation between Mr. Lonsdale and Ms. Clougherty, the investigator in a Stanford University Title IX matter involving both parties has determined that Mr. Lonsdale did not violate Stanford’s Title IX policy. Accordingly, there is no basis to support a ban from the Stanford campus.

Because Mr. Lonsdale and Ms. Clougherty engaged in a relationship and did not disclose it as per Stanford’s Consensual Relationships policy, Mr. Lonsdale has agreed that he will not challenge the temporary mentoring and teaching suspension that was imposed.

The case surrounding Mr. Lonsdale sparked considerable controversy at Stanford and in Silicon Valley, serving as a microcosm for the wider debate over campus sexual assault proceedings. The shift from a ten year ban from campus to a dropped case in light of “new evidence” raises serious questions about the integrity and thoroughness of the Title IX investigation process. Some students called for more protections for victims in light of the scandal while others critiqued a lack of due process in Stanford’s Title IX process. The Stanford Review reached out to Mr. Lonsdale, and he provided no comment.


This is a rapidly developing story and the Stanford Review will keep this article updated.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Lonsdale is a former Editor-in-chief of the Stanford Review. He was not consulted prior to the publication of this story.

  • Jay

    knew it

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  • 1MegaBeast2

    He did nothing wrong, and his name is now clear.

  • RelievedGrad

    Excellent. Always a bummer to see that Stanford has been sucked in to all this paranoia and in the process does away with the accused’s due process rights. This case was fortunately corrected; however, I hate to think think of how many more men have been falsely accused, had their due process rights stomped on, were kicked off campus, and had no chance at correcting the atrocity against them.