Holder cancels graduation speech amid protests

by Staff

Attorney General Eric Holder canceled a speech to a graduating class of police cadets in Oklahoma City on Thursday, after crowds of Oklahomans flocked to the ceremony to┬áprotest his appearance. Protest organizers said Holder’s planned speech to the law enforcement graduates was “inappropriate,” and argued that the attorney general has failed to uphold the law […]

Mitt Romney at Stanford in 1966

by Kyle Huwa

Let’s not forget, that Mitt Romney actually attended Stanford University for his freshman year of college. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is enough to motivate Stanford students to support him in the general election. In 1966, Romney and some other students held a protest on campus, not in opposition to the Vietnam War, but in […]

Context Changes Everything in UC Davis Pepper Spraying

by Kyle Huwa

The UC Davis College Republicans have recently released a full length video of the situation leading up to the now famous pepper spraying incident at their school.

Let’s Get the Facts Right on ROTC

by Warner Sallman

As many of you know, I am gay and have been an active member of the pro-ROTC movement on campus. I am not ashamed to say that I was excited and proud of the Faculty Senate yesterday for its historic decision. Nevertheless, I recognize that there is a significant minority on campus that does not […]