Western Civilization Makes The ASSU Ballot

The Stanford Review‘s petition to reinstate a two-quarter Western Civilization requirement for undergraduates has now received over 370 signatures, qualifying it for the spring ASSU elections ballot in April. This follows two weeks of initial discussion and debate on campus on the merits of humanities requirements in general, a common academic core, and a cultural focus within that core, as well as national attention from the Wall Street Journal, RealClearPolitics, the Weekly Standard and others.

The Review‘s petition will be voted on between April 7 and 8 by the Stanford undergraduate population. There will be an open forum on the requirement on Thursday evening, to follow a panel discussion with students and faculty earlier this week. Further discussions will take place early next quarter. In the interim, we look forward to the campus discourse this petition has enabled.

  • Frans Alexander

    Mainstream conservatives are under this illusion that non-Whites will show interest in Western Civilization as the civilization that created values of democracy, freedom of expression, anti-colonialism and even “progressive” diversity. But why should non-Whites want to learn about the greatness of European men?

    It is obvious that Europeans achieved far more than any other people on this planet; take a look at Ricardo Duchesne’s, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, where he explains that the West was not only the one civilization that originated the Industrial Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution, but that it was far more creative in all spheres of life since ancient times, with the Greek invention of deductive reasoning, tragic poetry, proper historical writing, etc, etc, and this creativity continued through Rome with the invention of rational legal system, best armies in the world, superior engineering, through medieval times with the invention of universities themselves, scholastic method of answering questions, and so much more leading to the Renaissance and the Age of Discoveries.

    Why would Black and Mestizo students want to sit in a class room listening about how far greater Europeans were? They would not. And so, what this vote teaches us, and what the eradication of Western Civ courses across the US teaches us, is that unless we stop the US from being a majority White nation, say goodbye to any real learning in our universities, as only the West really produced greatness in the Arts and Sciences; almost all the greatest thinkers are European, and almost all the discoveries in science, and artistic originalities. In fact, all the disciplines taught at our universities were invented by Whites. Either we keep America majority European, and affirm our heritage, since the US was created by Europeans, or say goodbye to everything that is great and noble in human history.