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Volume XXX, Issue 3 March 13, 2003
Stanford Review - Archive - Volume XXX - Issue 3 - Beinin Watch

Beinin Watch
Beinin Watch
 Joel Beinin, Professor of Middle Eastern History, has been accused on numerous occasions of speaking out in support of terrorist organizations and of spearheading antisemitic practices at Stanford. This section is dedicated to keeping the Stanford community informed as to his actions in the hopes of forcing Professor Beinin to account for his actions.

Last Wednesday, approximately 300 Stanford students went on "strike" in the Main Quad by not attending their classes.

In addition to students protesting, at least 24 faculty members canceled their classes to show support for the 2% of the student population participating. Most faculty members who chose to cancel class did not even consult their students, but instead sent out e-mail messages citing their "deep sense of responsibility to their conscience" not to teach.

Surprisingly, Professor Joel Beinin was one of the few faculty members to consult his class, asking whether they wanted to cancel lecture to attend the "strike." They said No. Apparently stunned that his students would choose to attend lecture like the other 98% of students not striking, Beinin decided it would be best literally to move his class to the rally and hold lecture outside amongst the 300 protesters.

By forcing his students to attend class less than 10 feet from the rally, Beinin intentionally placed his students in a situation in which they may not have felt comfortable.

All faculty members, including Beinin, have a responsibility to provide their students with comfortable learning environments, but Beinin believes his duties as a leftist activist exempts him from this responsibility. Beinin continually says his students can approach him if they think he is being unfair or acting outside his professional boundaries.

Especially in the two weeks before final exams, however, his statements bear questioning. How do you think a student would feel approaching the person widely known across the country as an extreme leftist, anti-Israeli, "self-hating Jew" that grades their papers and tests to express their reservations about his decisions?

Several students in Beinin's class with whom we spoke they were uncomfortable with their lecture being held around the protest for a variety of reasons. Some said they disagreed with the protestors' messages and felt Beinin forced their opinions onto them, while others said they simply could not hear due to the loud noise. All of them said they did not feel comfortable objecting to Beinin.

Professor Beinin is, of course, entitled to his views of President Bush's national policy; however, that view should - must - be expressed on his time, not at the expense of his students' education.

Stanford alumni and other donors should begin pressuring the University to hold accountable professors like Beinin who consistently act with disregard to their professional duties and the needs of their students. Those in positions of power, within and without the University, should consider calling and writing President John Hennessy or withholding donations to the University until accountability is a policy they are willing implement. Only then will Joel Beinin-- the man who openly supports terrorists' ideals and expresses sympathy to "their cause"--stop his irresponsible behavior and offensive actions as Stanford employee.

--Joe Fairbanks

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