1-11-2010 The Day in Review

Sarah Palin’s shining intellect and political insight is coming to a TV near you as she joins Fox News as a commentator. Lord have mercy.

Stanford to develop a continuing education program for physicians that will be devoid of influence from drug companies. The program is sponsored by Pfizer.

A New York Times editor says that a recent Stanford study should lead the way for charter school policy.

Harbaugh–possibly heading south to USC?

Professor David Holloway reviews “Dark Side of the Moon: Wernher van Braun, the Third Reich and the Space Race” by Wayne Biddle.

Hoover Fellow and Professor of Economics, John Taylor, replies to Ben Bernake.

Matt Yglesias responds to a previous LFJ, arguing that no rich countries ever decline. Ever.

Ted Olson, George Bush’s lawyer in Bush v. Goremakes the conservative case for gay marriage.


Before we criticize Senator Reid, John McWhorter encourages us to look at our own use of dialect.


The Late Great Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton
1755, Alexander Hamilton was born. Spend a $10 bill, read a Federalist paper or two in his honor.

The mighty Joe Rollino, a vestige of the Coney Island strongman scene, dies at 104. He once lifted 475 lb. with his teeth. He was a proud 5’5, 125 lb. vegetarian.

Miep Gies, who aided Anne Frank and her family while they were hidden during the war, and who found and preserved Anne’s diary after her capture, died today at 100.

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