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Our Mission

Founded in 1987, The Stanford Review is Stanford's Independent Newspaper. We aim to present alternative views on a wide range of issues, create a forum for rational debate on campus, and challenge those who disagree to participate. We publish news and opinion pieces during the academic year.

Our Staff

Walker Stewart, Editor in Chief
Walker is a junior studying Computer Science and History from Jupiter, Florida. When he's not reading about the nineteenth century or writing for the Review, you can find him listening to country music, golfing or searching for good food. Contact Walker at eic@stanfordreview.org.

Josiah Joner, Executive Editor
Josiah is a sophomore from Vancouver, Washington studying economics. He is interested in public policy, specifically state and local governments. Josiah enjoys everything outdoors and playing the guitar.

Aditya Prathap, Cycle Editor
Aditya is a junior from Illinois and is studying Philosophy. When not reading theology, Aditya can be found skateboarding and listening to Mac DeMarco.

Thomas Adamo, Cycle Editor
Thomas is a sophomore from London studying Mathematics and Data Science. He is interested in entrepreneurship and '00s indie rock. Outside of the classroom, he plays for the rugby team and enjoys jamming on his guitar.

Julia Steinberg, Cycle Editor
Julia Steinberg is a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA studying comparative literature and history. Outside of the Review, Julia enjoys Russian literature, hiking, and live music (preferably rock).

John Puri, Deputy Cycle Editor
John is a freshman from Des Moines, Iowa studying Political Science. He is particularly interested in classical liberalism and its modern applications. Outside of class, he enjoys watching baseball, listening to Frank Sinatra, sipping chai tea, and reading the Wall Street Journal—often all at once.

Cees Armstrong, Staff Writer
Cees is a freshman from the UK and Singapore who is prospectively studying mathematics. He is interested in international politics and all things sport. In his free time, he watches football matches, plays rugby, and debates for Stanford.

Sophie Fujiwara, Staff Writer
Sophie Fujiwara grew up between Hong Kong, England, and LA and studies Symbolic Systems. She likes contemporary art and uncontemporary literature and spends her time eating and loafing.

Isabella Griepp, Staff Writer
Born and raised in San Francisco, Isabella is a junior majoring in Classics and minoring in Data Science and Modern Languages (Spanish & Russian). Her faith in Christ is what’s most important to her; you can find her ski racing, making honey oatmilk lattes, and listening to country music.

Bethany Lorden, Staff Writer
Bethany is a freshman from Colorado studying English and Physics. Outside the Review, you might find her hiking, writing poetry, or playing harmonica.

Mimi St Johns, Business Manager & Editor in Chief Emerita
Mimi is a junior studying Computer Science and German from Miami, Florida. Her interests include cryptocurrency, security, philosophy, and political theory. Outside of the Review, she can be found listening to old country music, playing the guitar, or playing chess.

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