1-13-2010 The Day in Review

Business school Prof. responds to financial crisis: Trust, but verify.

Stanford Business School Grads rated smuggestmost satisfied with their post-graduate jobs. UPDATE: take that, Stanford Daily!

![One Jan. 13 Dreyfus Story?](http://conspirazom.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/j_accuse.jpg "One Jan. 13 Dreyfus Story?")
One Jan. 13 Dreyfus Story?
Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) tells Ponzi scheme operator Allen Stanford (subject of [a fascinating Vanity Fair profile](http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2009/07/allen-stanford200907?printable=true)) “[I love you”](http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/9860/congressman-pete-sessions-ties-to-indicted-financier-stanford-includes-email-saying-i-love-you)

You never know when this stuff may come in handy: if you go blind at an older age, you stand a better chance of regaining vision.

Climate researcher Ken Caldeira says: “I think science journalism is in a terrible spot right now.” Ouch.

Woody Allen describes a murderous cow. I’m confused.

Teddy Pendergrass passed away at the age of 59. For those of you who only know him as the basis for one of T-Pain’s silllier nicknames, please get acquainted:

USC to hire Lane Kiffin to coach their football team. He should clean up that program.

Earthquake devastates Haiti, leading to deaths, panic and looting. Pat Robertson alleges that Haiti gained independence from France via a deal with Satan, adding, “true story.” It’s unclear how many are dead, possibly hundreds of thousands, although nobody knows. The New York Times has a list of ways to contribute.

Is Tel Aviv the new Silicon Valley? David Brooks sees some similarities.

Some guy on Google’s tech support for their vaunted smartphone, the Nexus One: “So far, I have yet to hear from an actual person.” Another guy: “Right now they’re leaving tech support up to the customer.”

In other Google news, Jack Shafer says they are pulling a Conan O’Brien on China.

Baby Einstein sues science for saying Baby Einstein harms your child.

Tom Scocca says David Stern is being unfair to Gilbert Arenas, the NBA player accused of leaving some unloaded guns out in the locker room as a prank.


Sabina Rubin Erderly’s “The Girl Who Conned the Ivy League” tells the fascinating story of a multiple-time identity thief from a farm in Montana who ended up at Cal State Fullerton, Columbia, Harvard, and eventually jail. Somewhere, Azia Kim laughs.


![How About Two!](http://www.jerryseinfeldclub.com/images/cast_elaine.jpg "How About Two!")
How About Two!
In 1898, Emile Zola’s J’accuse exposed the French government’s anti-Semitic and unlawful jailing of Alfred Dreyfus.

In a related story, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, heiress to the Louis-Dreyfuss fortune, but more importantly Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, born in 1961.

Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson’s Vice President and Richard Nixon’s vanquished presidential candidate died in 1978. He was survived his wife, four children and Metrodome.

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