1-14-2010 The Day in Review

Haiti Relief: Text 90999 to “HAITI” on your cellphone, and you instantly donate $10 to the Red Cross relief efforts.

Busted! Well, not really. President John Hennessy to appear before the House Foreign Affairs Committee tomorrow.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof says Haitian earthquake is comparable to a nuclear blast, and that it will take 5-10 years to rebuild:

Stanford’s History Prof. Clayborne Carson, the foremost Martin Luther King, Jr. scholar, says Dr. King would be more concerned with economic inequalities than civil rights issues in America.

Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford Abbas Milani says the green movement has, importantly, won over important factions of the Shia clergy. Daniel Larison at American Conservative Magazine isn’t as sanguine about this development. For more on the origins of Iranian Shiism, go here.

Your computer may be killing you.

The New York Times gets out of its element and suggests some things to do in the Bay Area. Apparently an all-female circus is coming to Stanford on Saturday.

Stanford hospital sued for malpractice over a blood donation that resulted in an infection.

James Hohmann (Class of ’09) reports that Bart “The Amendment” Stupak is seriously considering a run at the Michigan Governorship.

Is it too soon to send the issue of gay marriage to the Supreme Court? Margaret Talbot reports.


Traitor! Benedict Arnold born in 1741.

Here’s looking at you, kid. Humphrey Bogart died in 1957.

1954: Damn Yankees! Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo–as he wed Marilyn Monroe on this day in 1954.

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Take A Break Tonight: Go Cheer for Stanford!

[http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/01/stanfordwomenbasketball.jpg] It’s been a rough week.  Between obsessively checking the CDC’s [http://cdc/default.

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Failed (Golden) State

Recently, our friends at the Cornell Insider [http://cornellinsider.com/2010/01/10/cali-down-drain/] linked to George Will’s excellent column about California. Cornell Insider

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