1-25-2010 The Day in Review

Mukesh Ambani Could Buy And Sell You
President Hennessey strikes an optimistic note in his [annual report](http://annualreport.stanford.edu/). Goals include having more money and producing awesome students.

India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, a former Stanford MBA, intends to make his own version of Stanford in India.

Dartmouth is routing Stanford (and everyone else) in terms of donations to Haiti, $133,000 to $51,000.

The NYT previews President Obama’s first State of the Union. Slate previews the State of the Union as delivered by Steve Jobs.

The G.O.P. smells blood in 2010.

Is this a joke? Newsweek tries to show what to do when taken hostage–in the style of a plane safety manual, I guess.

The Shadow Editors take issue with the Washington Post’s Free for All.

Cal students have scared John Yoo into holding his detention centers classes in a secret location. More dark sites!

Christopher Hitchens excoriates the Clintons and their “propagandists,” also using the term “moral vandal,” which I plan to add to my vocab and you should too.

Math makes itself useful–a London Prof. has developed a formula for parallel parking.

Ross Douthat blames FDR and LBJ for the mess the Democrats are currently in.

Former Tennessee Rep., and current New York Senate hopeful Harold Ford, Jr. writes an op-ed about jobs or something. Some on the left remain unimpressed.

Jonathan Rauch defends the Senate healthcare bill. Fareed Zakaria criticizes Obama for having the wrong focus.

Conan says goodbye (video after the jump):

Megan McArdle says “the winner’s curse” is going to bring on the next housing crisis.

Beau Biden, content to remain the second most famous Bo/Beau affiliated with the current White House, will not seek his father’s seat.

Conor Friedersdorf and Joe Carter go back and forth (and back again) on the latest revelations out of Guantànamo Bay.

If you can, get paid hourly.

False alarm. No plane crash near Stanford.

Stanford sticks it to Notre Dame, stealing a coach, and a recruit.

Study: “Stanford may come closest among the schools analyzed to mirroring the traditional view of a national university.”


Mary Grabar puts then modern English Department on blast, and pulls no punches in accusing it of “intellectual nakedness.” Via Phi Beta Cons.


![Tax evasion](http://lacomunidad.elpais.com/blogfiles/sibyllanetcom/313780_capone_al.jpg)
The Tax Evasion Smirk
1915: While in New York, Alexander Graham Bell makes the first call of the US Transcontinental Telephone Service, [blowing up](http://www.directlyrics.com/kesha-dolla-lyrics.html) his assistant [Thomas Watson](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_A._Watson)‘s phone in San Francisco.

1971: Idi Amin leads a successful coup to depose Milton Otobe and become Uganda’s president.

Virginia Woolf was born today in 1882.

Alphonse Gabriel “Al Capone” died today in 1947.

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