1-31-2010 The Weekend in Review

He was more charismatic in Cosmo: pro-choice, Pro-Palin, “Scott Brown Republican” Senator-elect Scott Brown speaks to Barbara Walters on ABC’s “This Week”.

LA Timesfinds a familial link between Scott Brown and Barack Obama: they are both descendants of Adam and Eve! And of some 17th century guy! And by the way, Obama is also related to the James Madison, Harry Truman, LBJ, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and the Bushes!

Don Draper Scott Brown is on everyone’s mind…

Bill and Melinda Gates pledge $10 billion to develop and deliver immunizations.

Bankers tarred and feathered at Davos: trade unionists and world leaders lay the hate down at the economic forum.

Stanford alum James Hohmann reports on Brazilian hackers breaking into House of Representative websites and smearing Obama.

CBS rejects Superbowl ad for closeted-gay men’s dating website, mancrunch.com, though it has accepted a pro-life Focus on the Family ad starring Tim Tebow and his mother. (Pro-choice activists respond here.)

Rush Limbaugh dances, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly kick off their “Bold and Fresh” tour.

A chart mapping bailout and stimulus spending around the globe. (Via)

Stanford humor researchers give women a strange, back-handed compliment. One guy gives them a backhanded non-compliment.

A Stanford medical team arrives home after volunteering in Haiti.

Former Fed chairman Paul Volcker calls for structural reform, and no more “too big to fail.” Responses here.

“Advancing rational debate” or preposterous, offensive and disturbing? Kathleen Parker chooses the latter when reviewing and revealing the bizarre and misguided online TV show, “Bump”, that chronicles the decision of whether or not to have an abortion.

Veronique de Rugy does not defend Obama, but does criticize Karl Rove for distorting Bush fiscal data to make the current president look even worse.

Diaper stealing? Sex tape? The public list of sordid Edwards-Hunter-Young details grows even more unfortunate.

For the time-strapped: a two-minute montage of Obama’s “Question Time” Friday remarks at GOP retreat. For those who’ve time to spare: the whole she-bang.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift go home winners, Kanye stays quiet.

J.D. Salinger at the Cornish town market, OK…but J.D. Salinger attending the “occasional house party” at Dartmouth? Suspect.

George Roeder found guilty of murdering George Tiller.

A (profane) note on inconsistent rulings on profanity usage in the workplace.

Tony Blair has no regrets about the Iraq war.

Study: Lefties prefer their left side. Who knew?

An upcoming film looks back at “The Wave,” one high school teacher’s experiment at Palo Alto’s former Cubberly High School where the students were shown how quickly fascism can take root in a rather harsh manner.


Not really an article, but the New Yorker has compiled all the stories J.D. Salinger ever wrote for them.


January 29, Oprah Winfrey turns 56. Look under your seat for a free slice of birthday cake!

January, 29 1956: H.L. Mencken dies at 76, leaving Baltimore with a Sage no longer; 1/29/63: two years after reading his poetry at JFK’s inauguration at age 86, Robert Frost passes away; on 1/29/69 Allen Dull Duller Dulles dies.

Dick Cheney celebrates his 69th birthday on January 30 in Wyoming, huntin’, fishin’, and shootin’.

On January 31, Jackie Robinson (1919) and Nolan Ryan (1947) share a birthday.

On January 31st 1990, McDonald’s officially conquers Communism: the first Mickey D’s opens in Moscow.

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