1-4-2010 The Day in Review

Winter Quarter classes begins at Stanford.

A new Antonin Scalia biography came out. The New York Times called it “fair-minded.”

According to The Hill, Condoleezza Rice is taking a leadership role with a Stanford start up that “is hoping to make carbon cap-and-trade systems for businesses.”

Mark Matthews reports that Stanford and the Hoover Institution are now enemies of the state in Iran.

Stanford researchers: Sleep is good for you. TV makes you fat. Solar powered retinal implant to help the blind (even in the dark?).

Hillary Clinton talking about sanctions on Iran, and Christopher Hitchens gives a rundown of the regime’s history of nuclear dishonesty.

Candace de Russy of Phi Beta Cons on how the U.C. system could have avoided its financial woes (or at least softened the blow)

Long-form journalism: the New Yorker profiles Whole Foods’ iconoclastic libertarian founder John Mackey. Tim Ford tackled the concept of the Whole Foods Republican on Fiat Lux.


Isaac Newton born, 1643.

Erwin Schrödinger died, placed in box with cat in 1961.

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