11-08-2010 Week in Review

Shaq's Head. Yup. (Image via Dealbreaker)
Shaq [wants](http://www.thecrimson.com/column/adventures-at-c-world/article/2010/11/4/column-ccm-shaqcrew-110410/) to race the Harvard Crew team on the Charles River.

Newly elected Senator Marco Rubio cares about taxes, promotes small-government, and… listens to “Sexy B*tch”?

Stanford hosted the 2010 Greenbeat Conference.

George Clooney will be talking about Sudan tonight at Cubberley.

Stanford’s $500,000 clock sits in storage.

Students have designed an easy to recycle laptop.

Researchers tie humans’ big brains to chimps’ immunity.

As US-India relationships strengthen, Stanford is linked to the conversation.

Andrew Luck named a Pac-10 Player of the Week.

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