2-11-2010 The Day in Review

Do NOT Shake This Man's Hand
Really? John Mayer [says](http://www.mediaite.com/online/john-mayers-penis-is-a-racist-wonderland/) racist, sexist, and generally disgusting things in a [Playboy interview](http://www.playboy.com/articles/john-mayer-playboy-interview/index.html?page=2).

Stanford study: Dating on the interents no longer only for pathetic losers.

Awesome headlines department: “Alleged fake S.F. skin doctor pleads not guilty.”

Study: People suffering from anxiety disorder are very anxious.

In light of the violence that followed the lifting of speech codes specific to Christians in Malaysia, Joseph Liow believes the problem is largely racialized.

Who knew petitions could actually work? A Stanford janitor who was fired following allegedly charging her phone on a computer while at work has been rehired and given back pay.

Simon Johnson criticizes Obama’s position on the banks.

Wendy Kaminer takes issue with ghostwriters and speechwriters.

Eugene Volokh looks at Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and asks: what about lesbians?

Fred Kaplan is not buying the “Iran getting the bomb is a good thing” theory.

Obama gets a whole bunch of his nominations confirmed.

Harry Reid to rewrite jobs bill.

James Surowiecki cautions against economic populism.


Jane Mayer (NO relation) reports on Eric Holder and the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Single File, Ladies

Dick Cheney accidentally shoots Harry Whittington while hunting quail.

Burt Reynolds (1936) and Sarah Palin (1964) share a birthday. America laughs.

Sylvia Plath died today in 1963.

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