2-18-2010 The Day in Review

Roger Ebert
Why are there [fewer minorities](http://bayarea.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/making-computer-science-more-enticing/) at the elite companies in Silicon Valley than there were a decade ago?

Fire Sale alert! Harvard to divest itself of some real estate. See Otis’s post on Stanford’s planned fire sale, and that sale’s cancellation.

Roger Ebert responds to Chris Jones’ profile of him in Esquire.

Barack Obama meets with the Dalai “Big Hitter” Lama, China unhappy.

Surprise! Dick Cheney emerges unannounced at CPAC.

A man in Texas intentionally crashed his plane into an Austin office building, leaving two dead. The man’s suicide note is here.

When you know it’s become popular: the New York Times Editorial Board endorses nuclear power.

Pilot of plane in yesterday’s crash was a Stanford alum.

Stanford’s Thad Kousser: partisan system is a good thing, high salaries for pols not so much.

Listicle: Tyler Cowen argues for a Value Added Tax.

David Frum leans on Stanford Prof. Mo Fiorina to explain that polarization is at the elite level, not with the masses.

Don’t worry, everyone else hates Google Buzz as much as you do. But apparently they have some crafty internet-related plan in the works.

Marc Ambinder’s take on the stimulus is that it worked, but people still hate it for good reasons.

OK Cupid makes the case for men to go for older women.

The Epicurean Dealmaker says Goldman Sachs is just asking for it. It has something to do with this guy.

Jack Shafer breaks down what to expect from plagiarists.


Dan Peck takes pessimistic look at the future of American employment.

This Is Now Older Than High School Juniors

In 1954, the first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles.

Molly Ringwald blows out 16 42 candles, and Dr. Dre turns 45 (doesn’t that make you feel at least a little older?).

Martin Luther died in 1546, and Michelangelo passed away in 1564.

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