2-22-2010 The Day in Review

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Joementum's Back, Baby
We barely knew ye: ACORN [dissolves](http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0210/ACORN_dissolved_as_a_national_structure.html?showall) as a national organization.

Prof. Keith Devlin to try to trick kids into learning math.

Global warming: it’s not all bad.

Bill Burck and Dana Perino declare John Yoo and Jay Bybee exonerated, Glenn Greenwald responds.

Democrats are pushing to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Their point man? Joe Lieberman.

The embittered Evan Bayh appears to have a soft spot for Scott “the ultimate cure” Brown.

David Frum bashes Ron Paul’s love of the gold standard.

Who knew? Alcohol leads to violence.

Fiat Lux to switch all marketing efforts to giggling babies if we know what’s good for us.

The Awl holds a debate on a weird Washington Post column by Sally Quinn.

Some great writers have some great rules for writing, such as “Using adverbs is a mortal sin.”

Presented, without comment:

Ross Douthat touts the journalistic excellence of the National Enquirer.

Strap up. Loaded guns now legal at national parks.

The British have apparently been wasting their healthcare money on homeopathic medicine.

Apparently puncturing pregnant women is good for them.

Rapping biologists return to Stanford.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Mark Jacobson comes out against nuclear power.

Jimmy Carter defends his legacy.

Over at Hoover, Mary Eberstadt looks at the role of mothers in the armed forces.

Is your church any good?


Louis Menand raises some questions about the legitimacy of psychiatry.


![The Legend in Action](http://www.americansportscollectibles.com/julius-erving-signed-nets-action-16x20-photo.jpg)
The Legend in Action
Today in 1856, the Republican Party holds its first national meeting in Pittsburgh.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! The USA hockey team beats the USSR, 4-3, at the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980. Yesterday, the USA defeated Canada in a preliminary round. Exciting, but not as exciting.

1974: Samuel Byck attempts to assassinate President Richard Nixon.

Steve Irwin, “Australian herpetologist” and TV personality, was born today in 1962.

Julius Erving–Dr. J–was also born today in 1950.

Today we remember the life and work of journalist and Stanford graduate Daniel Pearl, who was killed on this day in 2002.

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