2-7-2010 The Weekend in Review

[![Remember, Sarah:: Energy, Budget--no--Cuts, Tax, and Lift American Spirits!](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/02/6a00d83451c45669e20120a86f6183970b-500wi-300x179.jpg)](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/02/6a00d83451c45669e20120a86f6183970b-500wi.jpg)
Remember, Sarah:: Energy, Budget--no--Cuts, Tax, and Lift American Spirits!
[Super Bowl XLIV](http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/44) airs today. If you’re just in it for the ads: 2010 Super Bowl commercials [here](http://www.youtube.com/user/adblitz). If you want to see the game live-blogged, check [here](http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/07/live-superbowl-xliv/?ref=football).

The America Bowl: US Presidents versus Super Bowls. Why not?

The latest Obama Facebook feed from Slate. ‘Scott Brown joins the Washington, DC network.’

A Washington Post reporter goes in for a full-body scan.

MJ’s MD to be charged with homicide.

Jenny Sanford publishes her “elegant evisceration of a memoir.”

Palin is caught using crib-notes on her palm for the post-Tea Party Q&A. Oops!

The Root chronicles the troubled history of the Academy and black nominees (or lack thereof).

Super Bowl to Super Jew“: Alan Shlomo Veingrad.

Obama to hold a bipartisan heath care summit on February 25. The event will be televised.

G7 pledges to write off Haiti’s tremendous post-earthquake debts.

Alex Williams of the New York Times writes an extremely unfortunate and sexist article on women and college dating. Not all women are self-esteem-less and desperate, though this article would certainly have you believe so.

And for most bizarre story of the weekend: Karaoke killings. Whatever you do never, ever sing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in Thailand, or Coldplay’s “Yellow” in Seattle–and never, ever sing Sinatra’s “My Way” anywhere.


A look across the pond: *The Economist*[says](http://www.economist.com/opinion/displayStory.cfm?story_id=15452811&source=hptextfeature) Britain isn’t bloody broken, you bugger!


![The Young Star](http://mattoneal.com/content/images/2009/02/young-ronald-reagan.jpg)
The Young Star
February 6, 1911: Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, IL. Festivities ensued on Saturday in Simi Valley, CA for what would be President Reagan’s 99th birthday. Plans are underway  for next year’s [Reagan Centennial](http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/02/on-ronald-reagans-birthday-plans-take-shape-for-next-years-reagan-centennial.html).

Tennis great Arthur Ashe died on February 6th, 1993 at age 49.

On February 7, 1962, the United States banned all Cuban imports and exports under the embargo.

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