2-8-2010 The Day in Review

![Drew Brees (with son) proves Maya Angelou wrong](http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/images/201002/sbbreesbaby0208_330.jpg "Drew Brees (with son) proves Maya Angelou wrong")
Drew Brees (with son) proves Maya Angelou wrong
Britain puts [tighter restrictions](http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/08/world/europe/08britain.html?ref=world) on foreign student visas to curb possible inflow of terrorists entering the country and education system.

Carol E. Lee (no relation to Robert?) calls President Obama a “really powerful Dr. Phil.”

Fatwa sex? Way better than Ambien sex?

New Orleans celebrates their exciting Super Bowl victory.

Maya Angelou, Bill O’Reilly, Rod Blagojevich and Pat Robertson all picked the Colts. Joke’s on them. Hulk Hogan and Yogi Berra got it right.

*The Mercury News *reports on the rise in cheating at Stanford, especially in Computer Science classes.

Paterson scandal a-brewing? NYMag is super excited. There’s been so much buildup to this that it better be really, really give-Tiger-a-run-for-his-money good.

Bring on the awesome Joe-Gaffs! VP Biden to give speech on atomic agenda on Wednesday.

Ross Douthat questions whether a world without nuclear weapons is a good idea.

Hank Paulson and Lots of Important People: an excerpt from the former Treasury Secretary’s memoir.

Dennis Sanders defends David Frum and says moderate Republicans are not boring–they totally know how to party!

John Murtha (D-PA), Pennsylvania’s longest-serving Congressman, the first Vietnam combat Veteran elected to Congress and an outspoken opponent of the Iraq War (which he had voted for), died today at age 77.

MTV finally admits that what they broadcast is not “music television.”

Obama: the German (?) Musical.

Whoa! Stanford and Cal scientists team up to create a DNA factory!! And don’t worry, “Gaymon Bennett, a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley…will work with the team to make sure none of the lab’s creations threaten human welfare.”

‘Roid-ragin’, knife-wieldin’, child support-neglectin’, Scott Lee Cohen, drops out of Illinois gubernatorial race, cryin’.

Soda really, really isn’t healthy.

Possibly an Oscar harbinger? ‘Avatar’ beats out ‘The Hurt Locker’ for most pirated movie. (Via)

The best movies of the past decade, edited and arranged by Paul Proulx.

Mike Tyson must be broke again.


Henry Olsen at *National Review *sees signs that the Republican Party may dissolve.


Be prepared! The Boy Scouts of America are incorporated today in 1910 by William Boyce.

Dmitri Mendeleev, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements (one of those classic, Duhhh, “Why didn’t* I* think of that!?” inventions) is born today in 1834.

In Royal News, today is the anniversary of the deaths of Bloody Mary, Queen of Scots (1587) and Peter the Great (1725). Today is the also the day that Elizabeth II was officially proclaimed Queen of England (1952).
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