2-9-2010 The Day in Review

![The Great Hope?](http://www.house.gov/ryan/images/biography/Paul107thfullsize.JPG "The Great Hope?")
Paul Ryan: The New Great Hope?
Stanford maintains aid, [raises](http://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/february8/tuition-financial-aid-020910.html) tuition 3.5%, bringing total undergraduate charges to $50,576. The amount a student is expected to contribute increased as well.

Big healthcare news… on the Stanford campus.

Abbas Milani says Thursday, the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution is “almost make-or-break day” for both sides.

Stanford scientists develop robot car. Take that, Hasselhoff.

Dan Ariely draws a line between a study and the meltdown to conclude that massive bonuses helped cause the crash

Marc Ambinder takes a rather critical look at what exactly Sarah Palin’s popularity is all about.

Looking Ross Douthat’s recent take on Paul Ryan, Andrew Sullivan declares Ryan his hero.

Daniel Larison says it is no time for Republicans to become complacent.

James Parker describes MSNBC’s new show Lockup as “Prison Porn.”

Just what we needed: More social networking! Google’s version of Facebook to be released this week.

Don Boudreaux is unhappy with the lionization of John “King Pork” Murtha.

Wellness Week : Entertaining :: Baby Week : Frightening.

Arnold Kling tells progressives to quit throwing a tantrum.

Are books going to start getting shorter?

James Hohmann and Co. with a pun-tastic story on Toyota’s attempt to save face after massive recall.

Mumia: not likely to be freed.

The Awl looks at “Ye Olde Sex Scandals,” this time the tale of Grover Cleveland.


Tom Friend tracks down Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins, the man who became the first NBA player to jump straight to the pros from high school and finds him coaching at a college. If you don’t know about the man from Planet Lovetron, you should check it out.


February 9th, 1964: The Beatles perform for their first time in the United States on the Ed Sullivan show.

William Henry Harrison (1773), Carole King (1942), Joe Pesci (1943), Alice Walker (1944) and Jim Webb (1946) share a birthday.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky died today in 1881; J. William Fulbright died today in 1995.

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