3-31-2010 The Day in Review

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Tiger Woods
Barack Obama: [Drill](http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/31/science/earth/31energy.html?th&emc=th), baby drill!

Are you pulling for Tiger?

Obama expects the UN to sanction Iran.

Thomas Friedman catalogs the Obama Administration’s failures in Afghanistan.

Robert Pape & Co. think terrorism in Chechnya has nothing to do with Islam.

Chechen rebels claim responsibility for the terrorist attacks on the Moscow subway on Monday.

The Serbian government officially apologized for the 1995 Srebrenicia massacre wherein thousands of Bosnian Muslims were killed by Serb forces.

KBH to remain in Senate. Sorry,  Texas hopefuls.

Dr. Biden–Jill, that is–to convene summit on community colleges.

YouTube gets an overhaul of the site to encourage viewers to watch not just one video, but “sessions” of videos. Sessions of sneezing pandas, perhaps?

LL Cool J is too cool for Sarah Palin’s new talk show. But seriously, he is.

The oddly trendy Move Over O-pasteurized-milk (MOO) aka the Raw Milk Movement gains ground in Wisconsin, where the state assembly approved a raw milk bill.

Apparently the U.S. gov’t owns 60% of the land in Utah. Who knew? Anyways, Utahns want it back!

Stanford swimmer Julia Smit joins the ranks of Janet Evans and Jenny Thompson as a Honda Sports Award winner in swimming and diving. This is the top award in the US for swimmers. Smit is a two-time Olympic medalist.

Stanford scientists discover that there my be two distinct forms of multiple sclerosis, which react uniquely to standard treatment.


Marc “Global Warming is a Hoax” Morano is profiled in Esquire.


Daylight Savings Time is observed for the first time in the United States in 1918.

Al Gore (1948) and Barney Frank (1940) share a birthday.

Famed Olympian Jesse Owens died in 1980.

Terri Schiavo was disconnected from her life support and died today in 2005 after a seven-year right-to-die battle between her husband and her parents.

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