4-1-2010 The Day in Review

[![](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/04/vladimir-putin-258x300.jpg "Vladimir Putin")](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/04/vladimir-putin.jpg)
Vladimir Putin
Alex Bellos [investigates ](http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/mar/31/alex-bellos-numberland)a place with no numbers above five.

Dating site expects difficult future for Democrats. Graphs included.

How to hack a password. Somewhat disheartening.

Stealh probe to er, probe, cells.

Stanford’s Santiago Center is just fine.

The Wall Street Journal profiles Stanford alum Omar Wasow.

Kathryn Stoner-Weiss of Stanford’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (among others) wonders if the bombings will help Putin.

Newspapers: not as doomed as you thought.

Harold Pollack gives the media a big pat on the back for their healthcare coverage.

Teabonics, expressed through pictures.

Felix Salmon opines on the shortfalls of economic reporting.

John Ensign: still in trouble.

Big Trouble for the Family of C Street.

Is there a new global language?

Lynda Obst defends chick flicks.


James Mann takes a long look at the Red Menace that is China.

[![](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/04/Fonz_Pic.PNG-240x300.png "Mr. Fonzarelli")](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/04/Fonz_Pic.PNG.png)

In 1938, Franklin Roosevelt won the White House high jump competition.

In 1977, Arthur Fonzarelli jumped over a deadly shark pit on water skis.

In 1921, millionaire financier James Gatz is shot and killed in his home.

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