4-18-2010 The Day in Review

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Munger Grad Housing
Travel troubles [continue](http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/18/world/europe/18ash.html?th&emc=th) in Europe due to volcanic ash.

Unattended candle lights a fire at Munger.

Google continues to be successful.

Pres. Obama expands rights for gay couples.

German President Angela Merkel spoke at Stanford.

Chelsea Clinton will hobble down the aisle this summer.

Sports Illustrated’s Dan Banks examines Toby Gerhart’s stock.

Joe Queenan really does not want to hear about the Yankees. Or Lakers. Or the Cowboys. Or Duke. Or USC.

Journalist Mark Danner talked at Stanford about torture and our wars.

Nicole Allan notes the subtle changes in NASA’s agenda.

Thomas Reeves tosses out some new theories about why professors skew left.

Matt Yglesias thinks we’re getting fatter because we don’t smoke anymore.

An infographic examines how musicians earn money.

2/3 of you returned the Census. The other third had chianti instead, or some such.

New gene for baldness found.

Stanford’s men’s gymnastics team comes up just short of the national championship, but has some success on the individual level.

A New York Times piece profiles the troubles women have in Silicon Valley.

Public Editor Clark Hoyt lays into the New York Times’ use of anonymous sources.


Christopher Hitchens revisits Animal Farm.


In 1906, San Francisco was rocked by an earthquake.

Actor Rick Moranis was born in 1953.

Albert Einstein died in 1955.

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