4-20-2010 The Day in Review

Bill Gates encourages students to tackle big problems.

Stanford Prof. Donald Kennedy argues we should purify our cow meats.

David Brooks defends the internet’s influence on public debate. More thoughts on the topic here and here.

The Big Ten may be expanding.

Bruce Bartlett refutes George Will’s claim that instituting a Value Added Tax requires the abolition of the 16th Amendment.

Fear and loathing in the American electorate.

Pres. Obama heckled by gay rights protesters.

How smart is Lady Gaga? Really?

Goldman Sachs still does what it does best: make money.

Peter Keating reflects on Bill Clinton and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Two Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq were killed.

Jessica Pressler considers the political motivations for the SEC’s suit against Goldman Sachs.

Gizmodo got themselves a new iPhone.

Jonathan Chait says the healthcare repeal dream is over.

Like a virgin: the CDC reports there are 1.1 million virgins aged 25-40 in America.

London Mayor and former journalist Boris Johnson has some rather interesting thoughts on the rise of Nick Clegg.

Maybe next time: DC will not gain voting representation in Congress any time soon.

The Supreme Court rules: free speech > animal cruelty laws.

You may have accidentally sold your soul. A lesson in reading the fine print.


Will Leitch delves into the confusing world of baseball defensive statistics.

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The Prophet Muhammad

In 1999, Columbine High School students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree, killing 13 and injuring 24 before committing suicide.

Muhammad, the founder of Islam was born in 571.

Mexican comedian and stage actor Cantinflas died in 1993.

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