4-26-2010 The Day in Review

The Daily News took some cool pictures of the Icelandic volcano and aurora borealis.

President Obama and 91-year-old Evangelist Billy Graham sit down to pray and exchange pleasantries.

Senator Schumer writes the FTC to call for stricter privacy limits on Facebook.

Washington’s conservative paper the *Times *is looking for a new publisher and president.

Playboy, however, has filled their open position.

Ross Douthat wonders, if we can’t depict Muhammad in South Park, where are our freedoms?

East Palo Alto High School run by the Stanford School of Education gets its charter renewed after all.

In a rather uncomfortable op-ed, James Collins extols the virtues of doormen.

Wait, Craigslist makes money from sex ads? That can’t be right.

Jonah Goldberg responds to those arguing that the right is facing a crisis of epistemic closure.

Perhaps the Lib Dems will ally with the Tories in the upcoming British election. Who knows?

Andrew O’Hagan blasts the happiness industry and its helponauts.

Farhad Manjoo explains how Facebook’s “Like” button is part of its plan to take over the world. They’ve got Pres. Obama.

Stephen Hawking cautions against trying to contact aliens.

Christopher Hitchens questions the fate of the Euro.


New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman profiles Sarah Palin, Inc.


Paul von Hindenberg became the first elected President of Weimar Germany in 1925.

William Shakespeare began to be in 1564.

Lucille Ball died in 1989.

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4-25-2010 The Weekend in Review

John Merony at The Atlantic found [http://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2010/04/ronald-reagan-and-james-dean-rare-video-from-1954/39238/] this rare video of Ronald Reagan and James Dean

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