4-28-2010 The Day in Review

What? Me, Worry?
More Goldman Sachs [testimony](http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-28/self-evaluations-pose-new-concern-after-goldman-sachs-hearing.html). Adrian Chen has some [tips](http://gawker.com/5525966/how-to-survive-your-next-senate-testimony) on how to manage your next Senate Hearing.

Gordon Brown gaffes it up.

Charlie Crist jumps before he’s pushed, and declares his candidacy as an independent.

Greece may be contagious.

Senate Republicans have their own ideas for a finance bill.

The d.school has a new home.

Ross Douthat has bittersweet feelings about the past week’s events regarding the Catholic Church.

Jonah Lehrer explains why you don’t get quantum mechanics.

Oklahoma tightens its restrictions on abortions.

Glen Greenwald and Daniel Larison go back and forth on Ross Douthat’s contention that Islam is the last taboo.

Bill Frist of all people loves the Obama Administration’s approach to healthcare.

Jonathan Bernstein does not expect much in the way of reporting from Iraq.

People still blame Bush for the economy.

The Washington Post is busted using the wrong picture.

Harvard researchers find a strong dichotomy in the blogosphere.

Trojan condoms has a Ludacris new marketing scheme.

Richard Haass cautions against overestimating the value of a Palestinian peace.


Benjamin Birnbaum chronicles the civil war in Human Rights Watch over Israel.

Benito Mussolini

In 2001, Dennis Tito paved the way for Lance Bass by becoming the world’s first space tourist.

Saddam Hussein was born in 1950.

Benito Mussolini died in 1945.

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