4-6-2010 The Day In Review

Harry Reid thinks about how to burn Sarah Palin
Miners are [still](http://abcnews.go.com/WN/west-virginia-mine-rescue-efforts-delayed-24-hours/story?id=10299816) trapped in WV after an explosion. Our good thoughts go out to the families.

David Brooks suggests we take a chill pill.

May 6th will be the date of the British Parliamentary elections, announced current PM Gordon Brown.

The sunglasses that they put on the dead man make the story even more suspicious, no?

Obama-Seder, check. Obama-Iftar dinner, check. Obama-Easter brunch, check. Also, he rolled out a new nuclear policy.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid mocks Palin.

Germany still thumbing its nose at Greece by refusing to help bail the nation out.

1 carry on bag on Spirit Airlines: $45. 1 carry on bag everywhere else (for now: $0. Point: other airlines.

Geithner does India.

Marc Ambinder offers a projection for Obama’s next Supreme Court Justice pick, and Ezra Klein expects a moderate.

David Shuster fired for cheating on MSNBC.

Brett Favre: grandpa.

Election date set in Britain announced.

Tom Coburn blasts Fox News.

The New Republic moves behind the play wall.

Harlem pizza man goes the extra mile.

Scrabble stops being Scrabble by letting proper nouns in, kinda. (H/T TUSB)

The Supreme Court rules net neutrality is outside the FCC’s domain.

John McWhorter analyzes the words of Sarah Palin.

Stanford Prof. Linda Darling-Hammond says parts of public education are dying.

The Steele fallout continues.

What the Census will mean.

Jonathan Chait opines on changing demographics.

Scott Adams creates an alternate universe.

The Sunshine state puts on some flip flops.

Tell me something new: Stanford study finds the California state pension fund is broke. David Crane jumps in.

Somehow someone learned something about the old earth.

Jere Longman profiles women’s basketball star Rosalyn Gold-Onwude.

Vaden makes some changes.

Stanford study finds a new risk factor for girls’ depression.


Glen Whitman offers a pointed critique of libertarian paternalism.

Raphael's The School of Athens

Joseph Smith organizes the Mormon Church in 1830.

Italian painter Raphael was born in 1483.

Italian painter Raphael died in 1520.

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