5-10-2010 The Day in Review

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Angela Merkel
Gordon Brown [resigns](http://www.politicshome.com/uk/article/8958/gordon_brown_tenders_resignation_as_leader_of_labour_party.html) as leader of Britain’s Labour Party.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her conservative coalition suffer a setback at the polls.

Pres. Obama picks Elena Kagan to fill Justice John Paul Stevens’ seat on the Supreme Court.

Tyler Cowen offers his take on the Euro bailout. Felix Salmon is unimpressed. Meanwhile Robert Samuelson sees the wholefiasco as the death knell for the welfare state.

Nerds erupt at Pres. Obama who had the audacity of hope to criticize their beloved iPads.

Ross Douthat considers the ever-changing family.

Felix Salmon tells movie executives not to worry about movie futures trading.

Todd Zywicki finds a study that shows the left’s uneasy grasp of economics.

Matt Steinglass explains away some faults in journalism.

Kathleen Parker notes that the National Day of Prayer is getting testy.

Fareed Zakaria marks Pakistan as the supermarket of terrorism.

Christopher Hitchens is gleeful about France’s efforts to outlaw the burqa.


The New Yorker’s Julia Ioffe profiles Chat Roulette’s teenaged Russian founder.

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J. Edgar Hoover, in Men's Clothes

J. Edgar Hoover was appointed as the head of the FBI in 1924, where he would serve until 1972.

Move busters Fred Astaire and Young MC were born in 1899 and 1967 respectively.

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson was died in 1863.

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