5-26-2010 The Day in Review

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The Crotchety Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell to [leave](http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/26/arts/television/26idol.html?th&emc=th) American Idol.

John Yoo wants to retain executive power.

Pres. Obama loads up on the border.

Throat exercises can relieve sleep apnea.

Brian Darling defends secret holds.

Tyler Cowen sees hope in the long-term for the American economy.

Did we create life?

Child mortality is declining rapidly.

Chris Christie blasts a whiny teacher.

Provost Etchemendy to present the Faculty Senate with a budget on Thursday.

Google poetry is as bad as you’d think it’d be.

Stanford Law professor Deborah Rhode calls looks the last battleground of discrimination.

Stanford journalism professor Glenn Frankel says Israel’s relationship with South Africa goes deeper than anyone knew.

Rick Reilly may have found the dumbest sport yet.

Africa loves us.

GQ finds your worst facebook friends.


Nick Gillespie offers his prescription for saving America’s declining cities.

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The Duke

The House Un-American Activities Committee began its first session in 1938.

John Wayne was born in 1927.

Photographer Jacob Riis died in 1914.

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