6-2-2010 The Day in Review

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Sayonara, Yukio
The U.S. has [opened](http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/02/us/02spill.html?th&emc=th) a criminal inquiry into BP’s activities.

Japanese Premier (and Stanford Ph.D ’76) Yukio Hatoyama to resign.

Dwight Garner reviews Christopher Hitchens’ memoir.

Robert Reich notes the shifting sources of entrepreneurship.

Visiting scholar Abebe Gellaw decries the Ethiopian elections.

Going Green = no freezers.

Reihan Salam doubts Apple’s permanent supremacy. Meanwhile, the company has killed music provder Lala.

George Packer thinks Israel got duped.

P.J. O’Rourke wants newspapers to start writing pre-obituaries.

David Ignatius sees Turkey as Israel’s big new rival.

Daniel Bennett warns of bad student loans.

Entertainment Weekly names Homer Simpson the biggest character ever.

Ethan Epstein asks if Chinese propaganda has fooled a couple of prominent liberal bloggers.

Michael Kinsley takes his New York Times with a grain of salt.

No antitrust exemption for the National Football League.

Your home is killing babies.

Warren Buffett defends Moody’s, sorta.


Nicholas Carr believes the internet alters our brains and affects our focus. For what it’s worth, the New Yorker’s Editor David Remnick disagrees.

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The Iron Horse

Grover Cleveland became the only President to marry in the White House after his marriage to Frances Folsom in 1886.

Actor and comedian Dana Carvey was born in 1955.

The Luckiest Man on Earth, Lou Gehrig died in 1941.

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