81 Stanford Faculty Members Oppose Arizona Initiative

Check out [this](http://www.stanford.edu/~halim/StatementArizonaEnglishFluencyJune2110.pdf) statement, signed by 81 faculty members from across Stanford in support of the University of Arizona linguists and National Councils of Teachers of English.

The signers of the statement hold that Arizona’s English Fluency Initiative targets teachers who speak “heavily accented” English and makes “uninformed linguistic and educational assumptions” that have the potential to unfairly affect Latino/a teachers.

Notable signers include: well-known experts in second-language acquisition such as Professor Kenji Hakuta and Professor Guadalupe Valdez, the new Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Professor Harry Elam, his wife and English Expert Professor Michele Elam, and Deborah Stipek, the Dean of the School of Education.

Looks like students are not the only ones who are reacting.

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