9-20-2010 The Week in Review

Gotta love those RAs! (Image via Stanford News)
Craving a throwback to your early Stanford days? Check out this year’s [pictures ](http://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/september/2010-nso-slideshow-091610.html)from NSO 2010.

Stanford administration reveals freshman roommate matching secrets (!).

Campus-wide emergency evacuation drill  set for Oct 7.

Professor Bao Zhenan invents super-duper sensitive *electronic *skin.

Stanford football pulverizes Wake Forest, 68-14.

Oh, and Andrew Luck rated as the nation’s 3rd best quarterback. No big deal.

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Senate closing in on DADT repeal?

The senate is currently debating a defense spending bill that includes a provision to repeal the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy.

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Stanford students protest Proposition 23

[![](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/09/prop23protest-300x225.jpg)](http://blog.stanfordreview.org/content/images/2010/09/prop23protest.jpg) On Friday students staged a

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