A Comparison in Decorum

Sometimes in politics, one gets fed up enough with their political opponents that they have no choice but to voice their discontent, for no other reason than to hurt their enemies’ feelings. Oh, and what a sweet moment that is! In different countries and legislative bodies, there are different ways of doing this. Let’s watch Al Franken (D-MN) stick it to Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

The United States Senate:

Sen. Franken seems almost apologetic for trying to stick it to Sen. Lieberman, who has earned the ire of the Democratic Party for opposing the healthcare bill. Like his alter-ego Stuart Smalley, Sen. Franken seems like he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (also, Joe Lieberman has to deal with that mean John Stewart always making fun of him). Let’s see how they do it in Ireland’s House of Representatives.


Most unparliamentary language indeed.

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