A Red Zone Rant

I’ve got some complaints with regard to the Red Zone point system and the organization of Big Game activities. Let the rant begin:

  • According to a bunch of the freshman writers for the Review, freshmen did not receive their Red Zone point for going to the game during NSO against Wake Forest.
  • Basically zero information has been put out about Big Game buses/transportation, which is problematic for freshmen and sophomores, who have never been to a game at Kal.
  • Furthermore, no announcements have been made about how many people will get tickets for the game, so no one really knows whether they’ll get to go (especially those with less than 9 points). Makes relating to the Flipside’s parody really easy: Andrew Luck Fails to Get Enough Loyalty Points to Attend Big Game.
  • I’ve heard rumors that there are 2,000 tickets this year, which I’m convinced is way less than there were two years ago. Anyone know anything about that?
  • The ASSU Senate sent about 100 emails last week debating about whether to spend more than $1,500 on t-shirts and snacks for some Big Game event. With so few tickets and so much demand, why don’t they use the money for what everyone actually wants: TICKETS TO BIG GAME.
  • Big Game shirts just weren’t funny at all.

[end of rant]

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