Another Dancing Politician/Talk Show Host/Person Who Shouldn’t Be

Preeminent conservative radio-talk show host Rush Limbaugh will be one of the judges for the Miss America 2010 Pageant on Saturday night. What qualifies Limbaugh to be a judge for the Miss America pageant? While no one can be entirely sure, Limbaugh will probably be the cause of increased viewers for the show tonight.

At one point, the host asked the judges to perform a dance to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Watch the video below (Limbaugh is the left-most judge, right behind the oblivious man in the suit looking opposite the dancers):

Limbaugh, who seemed to delight in the whole event, gave quite a long comment about it which you can read here.

Limbaugh is just one of many politically inclined people who have shown off their dance moves in public. Hillary tried her hardest to act like she was having a good time at a dance party in Puerto Rico. Karl Rove assumed the persona of MC Rove at a press correspondents party. A collection of ten videos of political people who shouldn’t be dancing can be found here.

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