ASSU Appropriations Update: Special Fees down, refunds down

At tonight’s Senate meeting, Appropriations Chair Anton Zietsman reported two important facts — first, that the Special Fee will be cheaper next year and second, that the spring quarter refund rate is down.

Details from Senator Zietsman on the FY2011 Special Fee:

The quarterly Special Fee for next year will be $112 per quarter per student, which is down from $119 per student.

And on the refund rate:

The refund rate has been increasing dramatically, and the expectation was for it to surpass 20% for spring quarter. [The Undergraduate Senate] passed a couple of resolutions to attempt to counteract that fact. […] Numbers are in for this quarter: the refund rate is down. Last quarter there were 1032 for a total of $115,000. This quarter there were 959 requests for a total of $99,000.

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