ASSU Senator Gabriel Knight Ends Bid for Re-Election

Gabriel Knight, the ASSU Senator embroiled in allegations of anti-semitism this week, has formally ended his campaign for re-election.

On Tuesday night, Senator Knight claimed that it is not anti-semitic to question whether Jewish people control the media, saying that “[q]uestioning these potential power dynamics, I think, is not anti-semitism […] I think it’s a very valid discussion”. His remarks sparked outrage from the Senate, ASSU election candidates, Stanford students and Jewish community organizations on campus, as well as the rescission of endorsements from the Stanford Daily and Women’s Coalition. In response, a rally against anti-semitism organized by Matthew Wigler attended by hundreds of students occurred last night in White Plaza.

In a statement to Stanford, Knight said that he “never intended to be hurtful” and “apologize[s] for the fact that [he] was”. He also asked Stanford to “continue to critically examine all things we deem to be realities”. Previously, Knight had defended his “input” as being taken “out of context”, saying that those reporting on him “did not seek to explore or understand my intentions”.

Update: We have added the fact that Matthew Wigler organized last night’s rally, at the request of a number of individuals.

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