The Best of Stanford

Place to See/Be Seen – Moonbeans
Unfortunately, it looks like this establishment is being replaced by Coupa Café, but as it stands now, this is the place to meet up with friends, grab some coffee, study in the sun, or people watch. With people entering and exiting the main entrance of Green Library, others lounging near the fountain, and students from East Campus biking to class, Moonbeans is prime territory for running into friends.

Coffee – Bookstore Cafe
Easily the best coffee bargain ever, the Bookstore Cafe’s coffee is both smooth and inexpensive. For those who drink coffee 3+ times per day, this is just right.  It is not so strong that one has to inundate it with cream and sugar to kill the edge, but it is not so weak that one would be embarrassed ordering it.  The cream and sugar serve to complement the coffee’s natural flavor and together produce a beverage any student would enjoy sipping and be proud to flaunt in class.

Moreover, at just $.50 for either a 12 or 16 oz. coffee, Bookstore Cafe patrons are getting a steal.  When the next cheapest coffees are at least three times as expensive and are certainly not three times as tasty as our Bookstore goodness, the Bookstore Cafe proves to be both practical and enjoyable.

Place to Study – Bender Room
The Bender Room is the definitely the coziest place on campus to crack open the books. A plush, well-lit, wood-paneled room on the fifth floor of Green Library Bing Wing, the Bender Room features comfy leather furniture, big tables, plugs, and lamps. Plus, if you get bored, there is a wall of picturesque views of campus.

Sandwiches – The CoHo
Though a tough competition between several cafes on campus, the CoHo’s sandwich menu wins for selection and price. Some of the best include the Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Panini, which is moist without being too rich, and the Pulled BBQ Pork, which comes with a side of sweet potato French fries.

Place to Party – Co-ops
If all you’re looking for is a good time, a co-op party will do the trick. EBF has a band every Wednesday night, Synergy has at least a few great parties every quarter, and Chi Theta Chi is a destination for hardcore dancers. The loose, free-spirited feeling of these houses makes these parties fun without being overbearing. Although, be careful and watch out for hippies/sketchy old people as they love these places as well.

Stanford Sporting Event – Big Game
Nothing matches big game for sheer energy and tradition. Dating back to the 19th Century, the annual Stanford-Cal game can either lead to a painful loss or a euphoric victory, there is usually no in-between.

Place to Meet Girls- Fraiche
This new addition to Tresidder Union is a magnet for health-conscious and fashionable ladies. Girls – often of the sorority persuasion – wait in line for 15 minutes just to get a small serving of tangy frozen yogurt.

Place to Meet Guys – Math, Science and Engineering Classes
These classes feature dozens or hundreds of young men with guaranteed job security after graduation. The same cannot be said for English and History lectures.

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