Calling All Eligible Bachelors...

Harvard has its own Mr. Harvard Freshman.  Yale has a “Crush of the Week”.  But where is the list of date-worthy Stanford boys?

As a single girl at Stanford, I am often left wondering where are all of the smart and charismatic boys here on campus.  Sure, you can find boys at fraternity parties, but let’s be honest. The majority of them are drunk and searching for a one-night stand.  If that is what you are into, then by all means, search for you next special someone at Kappa Sig’s new “MID Lounge.” Although classes are an easy way to meet new individuals, I would rather spend my time trying to understand the spending allocation model than making small talk with the cute boy sitting next to me.  It appears like the dating life here at Stanford is pretty dead.  Most of us over-achieving young adults seem to give up on relationships in order to make room for extracurricular and classes.

Now, I am not advocating for Stanford to create its own website highlighting attractive bachelors on campus. Just because Yale and Harvard do something is by no means a justification for Stanford to do it as well.  Take a look at Yale’s horribly self-righteous new admissions video. The articles are chuckle-worthy, yet I cannot help but feel as if I am reading a cheap rip-off of Cosmopolitan’s “Bachelor of the Year”.


*I propose that all of you single, charming, and intelligent boys here on campus should step up your game.   Ask for a girl’s number, offer to buy her coffee, or invite her to the Westboro Baptist Church protest this Friday.  Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I have no doubt that are plenty of single ladies roaming the Farm. *

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