Captain America Moving to the Left?

Marvel Comics has fallen into some hot water with a recent publication of Captain America. The iconic comic book character was a prominent patriot during the golden age of comics (1930’s-19

Captain America investigates an "anti-tax" protest.
40’s). But a recently released issue is drawing criticism from many sources because of its apparent anti-Tea Party movement commentary.

According to a summary of the article by Brett Michael Dykes, Captain America and his sidekick are looking into a “right-wing anti-government militia group.” They end up at an anti-tax rally and attempt to go into the rally undercover. Captain America’s African American sidekick doesn’t believe his cover will work and so he states, “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.”

People are mainly upset with the drawing itself. It is comprised entirely of Caucasians holding flags and signs that cause the scene to look strikingly similar to pictures of Tea Party protests. One of the signs says, “Tea Bag The Libs Before They Tea Bag You.”

Joshua Rhett Miller mentions in an article that Michael Johns, member of the National Tea Party Coalition, called the comic a “juvenile dig” at the Tea Party movement.

Ed Brubaker, the comic’s author, has not been shy about letting his politics be known. Miller cites a tweet Brubaker wrote in November: “Memo to Bachman and the rest of the tea crowd — We had a revolution already, it’s called an election.”

But the slogans on the signs are allegedly not Brubaker’s fault. Purportedly, before being sent to print, a staffer was charged with hastily filling in the content on the signs. He claims to have pulled slogans from protest signs found on the internet. Despite claiming it to be an error, Marvel Comic’s CEO offered his apologies for misrepresenting the Tea Party movement.

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