College Round Up

Each week Fiat Lux takes a look at the happenings on the campuses of other universities and brings them to readers free of charge. This week’s edition focuses on honor, the reunification of family, and other matters of no importance occurring on other campuses. Here goes nothing:**

  • Harvard:- The *Harvard Crimson*reports undergrad and volleyball player Paul Glootz, ’13, appeared on the German show “Fakt Ist..!” in its celebratory episode on the 20th anniversary of German reunification.  Apparently, Glootz prepared vigorously for the interview because “many eyes would be on him.”  Not.  Thanks for that piece of breaking news, Crimson.
  • This is simply pathetic.  The Crimson also**ran an article yesterday titled: “Harvard’s Fight Song Among Best.” With lyrics like theirs, it’s not surprising that the article quotes “several lists” without providing sources.  Journalism at its finest.
  1. Dartmouth- Students nationwide were shocked to hear last week that a branch of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, this one at the Ivy League’s frat school, had been charged with a felony count of murder.  Just kidding.  The Dartmouth reports that SAE has been charged with providing alcohol to a minor, making it the fourth fraternity on campus to face legal charges for serving alcohol to minors in the last week.  Coming as a result of a Good Samaritan phone call to authorities, the charges could have unforeseeable consequences for the Good Sam policy.  Arraignment dates have been not been set for SAE as of yet, but Psi U and Theta Delta Chi will be in court later this month to face similar allegations.**
  • Brown- As reported by the Brown Daily Herald, the number of A’s awarded has risen for another year. However, classes in the physical sciences have not been affected, providing hope that at least one subject will manage to avoid the aftershock sure to come when this “grade bubble” bursts.  Sell high.
  • Duke- The list of honorable and famous Duke alumni, which already includes R. Milhous Nixon and Tucker Max, has welcomed its newest member, one Karen Owen.  Her elaborate thesis and PowerPoint have captured the attention of college students nationwide.  Find it yourself.

For another week, the *Stanford Daily *has managed to avoid the embarrassment and mockery inclusion in this column warrants, but only barely.  We truly are lucky to have the always vigilant writers at the intersection of Duena and Panama Streets.

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