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*Each week Fiat Lux takes a look at the happenings on the campuses of other universities and brings them to readers free of charge. This week’s edition focuses on alcohol, sports, and feisty librarians.  Issues important only to frat boys. Why were these articles printed??*
- **Ramapo College:[![](]( **- *[WPIX 11](,0,7903876.story)* reports that the New Jersey liberal arts school has banned Four Lokos, the increasingly popular drink of choice at fraternities nationwide.  Looks like “icing” will be making a comeback on the Ramapo campus. - **Yale:**- The *[Yale Daily News](* headline Monday morning read: “Alcohol use marks Safety Dance.”  I don’t think much more needs to be said about this.  At least five students were hospitalized for alcohol issues in the wake of the dance, which is supposed to encourage sober fun.  Although the dance was a financial success, selling over 2,500 tickets, the social was best characterized by students as “more drunk” than last year.  An anonymous freshman commented that she “didn’t enjoy the dance…because she was sober.” - Delta Kappa Epsilon at Yale was ordered to end all pledge activities by the national chapter of DKE because of controversial, non-Gregorian, chanting on campus last week.  Campus reactions to DKE have generally not been sympathetic, as the *[Yale Daily News](* printed opinions describing the fraternity as a “male-supremacist” “misogynist ponzi scheme.”  No comment on the matter from Stanford DKE but they have scheduled a press conference in front of their house on the row for 10:00 PM EST. - **Dartmouth:**- Apparently, standards for sorority girls have dropped at the Ivy League’s flagship drinking school.  *[The Dartmouth](* reports that sororities in Hanover are now giving bids to 78% of rushees, up from 68% last year.  As expected, legal action taken against sorority Sigma Delta for serving alcohol to minors did not have a negative effect on rush numbers.  Instead, the Sigma Delta scandal only convinced more girls to join. - Check out this nugget from the archive!  While Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings managed to eke out a win last night against the Dallas Cowboys, *The Dartmouth *re-ran an article from 2006 in which fraternity Psi Upsilon announced that former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger will be discussing her “meteoric rise to fame” at an on-campus event to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation this weekend.  Sterger, once famous for her Playboy modeling, has found herself in the [spotlight]( recently for alleging that Favre sent her lewd text messages while a member of the New York Jets.  *[The Dartmouth](*** reported on Sterger’s Facebook friends, which even then numbered in the thousands and probably included Brett Favre under the alias Eldrick Woods.![]( - **Brown:** - Brown University avoided a potentially calamitous library worker strike when a temporary deal was reached late last week.  *[The Brown Daily Herald](* reports that last Thursday negotiators extended the existing contract until October 28th, the second two-week extension in the past month.  At issue are healthcare provisions in the new contract and language regarding union powers on shift changes.  Experts report that the librarians will probably lose this contract battle because their hesitance to raise their voices indoors. - **Harvard:**- The *[Harvard Crimson](* ran an article last week by a  failed coxswain on the Harvard Men’s Rowing team.  I’m not really sure what the purpose of this article could have been, except to completely embarrass its writer for crashing a boat.   As a Stanford rower, I’m aggravated by the fact that a quitter is attempting to provide an inside look at the sport I still don’t understand after one year on the team.  As a writer, I’m aggravated by the fact that he characterized Harvard as “polymorphous and chameleonic.”**

Bonus: The *Crimson*is running a video segment showing one of its sportswriters tussling with 2010 NCAA Champion J.P. O’Connor.  Not very entertaining, but I’d love to see our wrestling team get a hold of some of the *Stanford Daily *staff.  Specifically, the editorial board.

**After further review, I also wanted to point out in his rowing article Mr. Lu mentioned that Stanford’s boathouse being in a city off-campus was an oddity.  He failed to realize that Harvard’s boathouse is as well.  Credit to the Stanford crew team for this factoid.

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