College Round Up

*Each week Fiat Lux takes a look at the happenings on the campuses of other universities and brings them to readers free of charge. This week’s edition focuses on issues that surely affect campuses nationwide.  And Four Loko.*[](
- **Yale Daily News**- Surprising nobody, the Yale Sophomore Class Council (SCC) has been labeled “inefficient” ever since its inception five years ago.  However, this year will be different! New SCC President Omar Njie hopes to “revive it.”  Questions still remain regarding what Njie will be reviving, given that sophomores interviewed by the *[Yale Daily News](* said “they don’t usually notice the council’s presence.”
More Relevant E'er Day (Courtesy of the Yale Daily News)
**** - Breaking News: The *[Yale Daily News](* thought a headline reading “Yalies Make Magic” would be funny and catch people’s attention.  Over 60 people attended a magic show by the Yale Undergraduate Magic Society.  60 people!!  Magic!!  This story was not newsworthy at all.  Need I mention that one of the tricks was called “The Best Card Trick in the World?”  Life in New Haven never looked more boring than today.**** - **Harvard University**- “Horns To Blare at Harvard-Yale Game” reads a headline in today’s *[Harvard Crimson](*.  Students from both schools have organized efforts to supply fans with vuvuzelas.  Although the Harvard band is worried that the monotonous drone of the horns will drown out both halftime shows, there is scientific evidence supporting the theory that there is no discenible difference between the sound of an Ivy League student’s voice and that annoying whine that dominated World Cup broadcasts this summer.**** - **Dartmouth University**- *[The Dartmouth](* reported today that the Dickey Center for International Understanding will be discontinuing its War and Peace Studies minor this February.  The Center for International Understanding hopes that its actions will not be misinterpreted by foreign students.  The good news is that funding for other programs, specifically the Left and Right Studies minor, will not be cut.**** - **Brown University**- Contrary to popular belief, or specifically that of Columbae and Synergy residents, running around naked will not improve Stanford’s sustainability ranking.  *[The Brown Daily Herald](*reported today that Brown led the pack, along with Dickinson College and the University of Minnesota, with a perfect score.  I’m not really sure what a “perfect score” entails, but it seems to mean that Brown is completely sustainable.  Put your pants back on Columbae and keep composting.
Get Back to Work
**** - **Every College**- Phusion Projects, LLC, the makers of Four Loko, have sent [letters]( to nearly 300 college presidents and administrators sharing information about its products.  Surprisingly, the company offered “direct assistance…to help further responsible drinking education.”  You can read the letter [here](, or wait for the sure to come, tardy might I add, article in the *Stanford Daily* that will probably spin the letter in some way that supports more funding for an unnecessary campus program.****
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