Common is Coming to Stanford: Ten Questions about Just Wright

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"Ok, now make your thoughtful face. Squintier. Perfect"
As has been noted [elsewhere](, rapper and thespian Common (née [Sense]( will be visiting Stanford. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s had some CDs, most notably [this one](, and now basically is in movies and apparently on the college lecture circuit. In any event, I saw his film *Just Wright* on the night it came out, and well, I had some questions. I won’t be able to attend the event, but if you do, I’d really appreciate getting answers to these questions.

If you really want to see Just Wright, and haven’t yet, I caution you that some of these questions may contain spoilers.

  1. Did you and Queen Latifah reminisce about back in the 90’s you were successful rappers?

  2. Are you aware the the loudest laugh the movie got were when Elton Brand was telling Ms. Latifah’s character Leslie Wright about how good the Philadelphia 76ers and he said, “We got me, Andre Iguodala.”

  3. Why did that movie make it seem like there were only three teams in the NBA (the Heat, the Magic, and the Nets)?

  4. In what universe do the Orlando Magic have fans that travel to see the Magic play in New Jersey (this happens in the movie)?

  5. Considering that Scott McKnight was a 10-year NBA veteran coming off knee surgery, wouldn’t skipping the playoffs be better for ensuring a long-term contract, rather than risking a more severe injury?

  6. Whose idea was the Rod Thorn cameo? Speaking of cameos, what was the deal with Rajon Rondo’s four seconds on screen where he didn’t get to say anything? And how did Bobby Simmons snag a part?

  7. Did anyone ever think it might be a good idea to name the movie Just Wright and then not have any characters with the last name “Wright”? It might’ve gotten some publicity.

  8. Considering the entire movie is about your character Scott McKnight’s comeback to make the playoffs, isn’t it weird that the climactic basketball scene is him hitting a game winning shot in the Eastern Conference Finals, then there is no mention whatsoever of the NBA Finals?

  9. Even though McKnight hit the game-winning shot for the Nets, Dwyane Wade, who he was guarding scored at least 30 points on layups and dunks alone. Considering that, what was McKnight’s plus-minus? Who actually carried them to the win?

  10. Does having Rashard Lewis in this movie send a bad message to children about cheating?

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