Condi Protesters on the Loose!

The college campus protest will likely persist as a permanent feature of all college campuses. But here on the Farm, the number of enthusiastic supporters appears to be dwindling. Ever since the somewhat significant turn-out to protest Rummy and Bush, Stanford students appear to have lost all interest in protesting just about anything (maybe you’d consider the recent Prop 23 rallying significant, but probably not).

Case in point: today’s quiet, poorly attended “gathering” to oppose Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state and professor here at Stanford. Dr. Rice was at the Stanford bookstore promoting her new book *Extraordinary, Ordinary People. *

As you can see in the photo below, the protest was led by one dude with a megaphone flanked on either side by protesters holding unoriginal signs (I mean seriously, people — if you’re going to protest, at least do it right). Attendance surely numbered in the high single digits.

[![]( "Condi Protest with Fan")](
Condi fan at left stands with signed book, which, according to the protester at right, is "dripping with blood." (Alex Katz/Stanford Review)
Apparently, as the above photo suggests, the protest was unsuccessful. Adoring fans came and went, and there was nothing the bizarre elderly gentleman with nonsensical anti-Condi pamphlets could do about it.

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