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This past Friday, former Editor-in-Chief of The Daily and long-time president of the Friends of the Daily Foundation Charlie Hoffman ’73 MBA ’76 wrote a letter to the editor in which he claimed to “…shed additional light on the finances of The Daily.”

Mr. Hoffman’s letter was very clearly an attempt to respond to an article that I wrote and published in the Review back in January of this year concerning what appear to have been less-than-ethical financial practices on the part of The Daily.

Unfortunately, while Mr. Hoffman’s letter does outline the Friends of the Daily Foundation’s general role in the Daily’s finances, it makes no mention of any of the specific claims found in my article.

What’s more is that, since Mr. Hoffman used part of his letter to explain why he thinks the Daily deserves Special Fees, the letter’s publication violated The Daily’s own election coverage policies, released in a column by current Editor-in-Chief Kamil Dada the previous day.

In response to Mr. Hoffman’s letter, I wrote my own letter to the editor, which The Daily published this morning.

Here is the link to that letter.


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