Day in Review: October 1, 2012

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Wikimedia Commons/Jean-Marc Ayrault
Patrick Pexton [asks]( the Washington Post to reconsider its biases.

President Hollande faces pressure from the far-left in France after raising taxes and implementing austerity.

Richard Vedder wonders if universities should be allowed to fail.

Is Samuel Alito the new conservative standard-bearer on the Supreme Court?

Athens is still in party mode, even though the money has run out.

On 60 minutes, Schwarzenegger discusses his affair and more. (interesting tidbit: “Condoleezza Rice…was the White House’s pick for California governor in 2006)

Yuval Levin explores the philosophical undercurrents of the election.

June Thomas on the opening of Homeland season 2.

Richard Hasen explains that worker error in Ohio could disqualify many ballots.

Allen and Vandehei: Romney advisers clash over Libya strategy.

Hugo Chavez declares he would vote for Obama.

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