Day in Review: October 2, 2012

Must read news of the day from Stanford and beyond.

FACES hosts Condoleezza Rice who delivers a message political reform in China.

Overseas seminars are here to stay.

Miles Unterreiner argues that imprisoning the makers of the “Innocence of Muslims” video would be a loss for free speech and offensive to Muslims.

Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. make a case for the “mismatch” argument against affirmative action.

The Department of Education discusses ways to make higher ed more efficient.

Tennessee and other states peg higher education funding to success.

Richard Florida: Metro areas grow at different rates which should be looked at when thinking about economic growth and decline.

Voorhees on a possible tie in the electoral college.

Koch Bros. seek to influence Arkansas state legislative races.

George Will wonders whether the American people are less likely to blame Obama for the nation’s woes because of his race.

Politico compiles 10 quotes that worry Obama.

Katherine Mangan writes on MOOC Mania.

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