Day in Review: September 25, 2012

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ASSU Executive kicks off school year.

Can we trust the polling?

James Fallows cuts Mitt Romney some slack over his airplane window comments, which may just be a joke.

Harry Reid believes Romney “has sullied the religion that he, Prince, and Romney share.”

A weird new virus has popped up in Saudi Arabia.

Prepare for a trade war over carbon fees with the European Union.

A pig saves a goat from drowning, purportedly.

Because everyone should know, an attack in Afghanistan last week caused major damage.

If you can’t afford to donate to a campaign, etch the candidates’ faces into your field.

White House distressed over ref’s call in Monday night game.

![](/content/images/Pig-saving-Goat-300x148.png "Pig saving Goat")
The pig swims out to the goat…will they survive?

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