Did you know it was Veteran’s Day?

![A Stanford student in ROTC (from 1925).](http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3289/2411094129_644254fcdc.jpg)
A Stanford student in ROTC (from 1925).
Well, it is — even if we didn’t get today off for school.

In the spirit of honoring those who have served our country, I encourage you to check out a great set of old black and white photos that Stanford News has assembled, displaying Stanford ROTC from back in the day (it’s been awhile since it was actually on campus — check out Tom Corrigan’s recent Review piece for more on those Stanford students who continue to dedicate themselves to service for their country).

The Stanford News piece includes these words to honor its veterans:

From the Great War to current conflicts, members of the Stanford community have answered the call to military service. Many lost their lives. Many others returned to the country they so honorably served. On this Veterans Day 2009, the Stanford community remembers them.

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