Editor’s Note: Looking Back, Looking Forward

As the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, I am pleased to note that The Stanford Review has continued its fine tradition of offering an alternative voice on campus, where minority viewpoints can be expressed and heard. We believe that diversity is more than just the color of our skins, but also the ideas in our minds. To the Review, it is important not just for people to look different, but more importantly, to think different.

Within the Review, people do have respectful disagreements over many issues. Pro-choice moderates do not always have much in common with pro-life Democrats. Big-L Libertarians do not often agree with small-L libertarians. Social conservatives do not always see eye-to-eye with economic conservatives. Bush Republicans do not always concur with Palin fans that enjoy “Going Rogue.”

Yet, despite these differences, we continue to exist as a harmonious team, united by the belief that engaging with others’ ideas serves to enlighten us. We exist on the belief that squaring off in a rational debate is far superior to shouting down the opposition. After all, if one does not pay attention to opposing arguments, how would one know for sure that his or her beliefs are truly correct?

*The Stanford Review *takes pride in publishing articles that sometimes wouldn’t be published in other campus newspapers. As long as an article is well-written and based on concrete facts, we offer a free forum to debate and defend new ideas.

In my time at The Stanford Review, I have had the enormous privilege of working with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. I have met future entrepreneurs, budding politicians (including a guy who ran for public office), and a student who knows seven languages. I have met students who want to become journalists, engineers, and even actors. Every time I eat lunch with a fellow student, I feel as though I’m eating lunch with a future celebrity.

This issue marks the end of Volume 43 of The Stanford Review. But it also marks a new beginning. Looking ahead, we will have new leaders with fresh visions. We will continue to have capable and energetic staff members. Most importantly, we will continue to have you—the loyal readers for whom we write. I am confident that with hard work and commitment, Volume 44 will be a successful volume that will make an even greater impact on the student body.

Fiat Lux!

Chris Seck, Editor-in-Chief

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